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DDR5 memory out of stock reasons revealed: power management chip PMIC shortage


DDR5 memory out of stock reasons revealed, power management chip PMIC shortage

  With the listing of Intel Z690 motherboard and the 12th generation Core K series processors, memory manufacturers have also released DDR5 memory, the main models are DDR5-4800 standard memory sticks and DDR5-5200, DDR5-5600 and other overclocking memory sticks.

  Currently, there is a shortage of DDR5 memory sticks in the market, and sources from Boardchannels say that the main reason for the shortage is that the DDR5 memory is equipped with a power management chip PMIC, which is currently in very short supply.

  Sources said that the PMIC chip is currently in very short supply, while the purchase price of the PMIC chip to be used in DDR5 memory is 10 times more expensive than the corresponding chip in D4, and the procurement cycle is at least 35 weeks.

  DDR5 memory moves the power management from the motherboard to the memory body, and the PMIC chip optimizes the control system power load factor. In addition, the DDR5 IC comes with an On-die ECC error correction mechanism that can rely on its own function to repair DRAM cells, so systems with DDR5 memory have higher stability.

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