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Micron Announces $40 Billion Investment in Advanced Memory Chip Manufacturing Facility

08/11/2022 Micron, memory chip manufacturing, Micron memory chip, chip manufacturer


  According to foreign media reports, memory chip maker Micron Technology announced on Tuesday local time that they will invest $40 billion to build advanced memory chip manufacturing facilities in the United States.

  Micron Technology has announced a $40 billion investment plan on its official website, which will last until 2030 and will build advanced memory chip manufacturing facilities in the United States in stages.

  The foreign media reported that the $40 billion investment plan announced by Micron Technology on Tuesday was part of the $150 billion global investment plan they announced last year. The $40 billion investment is also by far the largest investment in memory chip manufacturing in the United States.

  Like other chip manufacturers' investments, Micron's huge $40 billion investment will also create a large number of jobs. Micron Technology stated on its official website that it will create up to 40,000 jobs, including nearly 5,000 high-tech and operational jobs in Micron.

  Judging from foreign media reports, Micron Technology also announced a large-scale investment plan related to the increasing demand for data storage amid uncertain revenue prospects and increasing uncertainty about the economic outlook.

  Research institutions have predicted that the data generated globally in 2025 will reach 175ZB (ZB: one trillion gigabytes, 1ZB=1024EB). Micron has also previously stated in a report that the increase in data storage demand has driven the share of memory chips in semiconductor revenue from 10% in 2020 to about 30% currently.

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