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Russia is seriously short of cores, Mikron, the largest semiconductor factory, receives 7 billion rubles in subsidies

09/08/2022 Russia lacks chips, Mikron, Mikron semiconductor factory, chip maker


  Russia's semiconductor chips are heavily dependent on imports. In the last six months, they have also encountered chip panic. In the future, they can only strengthen domestic chip production. For this reason, Mikron, the country's largest semiconductor factory, has received 7 billion rubles, or about 800 million yuan in subsidies. Semiconductor production capacity.

  According to foreign media reports, the Russian state-owned group VEB.RF provided Mikron with this life-saving money, but this subsidy is not free, it is more like a loan in nature, requiring Mikron to use equipment as collateral, and the repayment period is 10 years.

  Mikron is Russia's largest microelectronics manufacturer, chip manufacturer and importer, mainly producing integrated circuits, electronic components and other products. Its exports can account for more than 50% of Russia's microelectronics exports, which has a great impact.

  Mikron's current semiconductor production can manufacture chips from 180nm to 90nm. Compared with other fabs, it is no longer advanced and cannot be used for mobile phones, computers and other equipment, but it can still meet some special chips, such as the MIR country developed by Russia itself. Payment systems, smart card chips using their chips are fine.

  At present, Mikron's main problem is the lack of production capacity. The monthly wafer output is only 6,000 wafers. Expansion of production requires a large amount of capital and equipment support.

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