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Texas Instruments donated 1 million yuan to support Sichuan earthquake relief work

09/09/2022 Texas Instruments, Sichuan earthquake, Texas Instruments support Sichuan earthquake


  On September 5, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, causing heavy casualties and losses. Texas Instruments (TI) donated 1 million yuan to the China Youth Development Foundation to support the procurement of emergency supplies (including emergency cotton coats, quilts, tents, first aid kits, etc.) for earthquake relief in Luding and related areas and post-disaster reconstruction.

  "We extend our sincere condolences and support to those affected by the Sichuan earthquake," said Andy Smith, Director of Global Public Welfare at Texas Instruments. "Texas Instruments has always been committed to building (and sometimes rebuilding) stronger places where we live and work. Community. We sincerely hope that the donation to the China Youth Development Foundation will help the affected people recover as soon as possible.”

  Mr. Jiang Han, Vice President of Texas Instruments and President of China, said: "Texas Instruments has our only end-to-end manufacturing base in Sichuan in the world, the first Hope Primary School donated by us in China, and many of our Long-term close cooperation partners, after the earthquake, all employees of Texas Instruments paid close attention to the situation in the disaster area and hoped to provide assistance to the best of our ability for the earthquake relief work in Sichuan. Let us work together to overcome the difficulties.”

  Texas Instruments will continue to pay attention to the situation of the disaster in Sichuan and the progress of the relief work, and actively provide support and assistance.

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